Access Control System

Access Control System

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Access control systems(ACS)

As access control system (ACS) is a system to provide physical security to a premises by allowing entry only to authorized people. The system comprises of a control panel which has the complete intelligence /software in-built for controlling the physical access of people with various rules configured as per the user requirements and additional accessories like card readers , Biometric readers , Magnetic locks, access cards etc.

The features of the Access control systems vary based on the makes and models based on which the cost also varies. The implementation of the ACS provides automatic physical access control through the readers, locks and access cards thereby making the premises security management easier. The ACS also provides the information on the events of entry and exit of authorized people with the clear data on the time and date of the event occurrence. The ACS also provides special options for handling the access during emergencies like fire, an access card will be assigned as a emergency card which when used in any of the readers connected to the system will open all the locks so that all the restrictions are nullified for that moment.

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