Fire & Intrusion Alarm System

Detection Devices

Detection Devices

Magnetic contact switches

A Magnetic contact switches or a 'reed switch' is the technology to an accurately determine the opening and closing of a door. A magnetic switch consist of a switch and magnet, with the magnet commonly installed at the door. When the magnet is within a specific distance, the switch turns 'ON', signaling a closed door. When the magnet moves beyond the specific gap, the switch turn 'OFF', for the open door.

Motion /PIR detectors

A Motion /PIR detector captures and indicates the passive infra red radiation emitted by objects at its field of view. As it has no active IR LED's, it acts through capturing the emitted infrared from its field of view.

Glass Break Detectors

The modern tamper-proof glass break protection alarms cover the glass covered windows or door portion of your building that are the most vulnerable points for an intrusion. When the glasses are breached or broken, it gives out an instant alarm even when the breaking produces no noise.

Panic Switches

This is a simple switch which is normally kept in easily accessible but hidden manner for the people to press in case on any intrusion /burglary attempted during the normal working hours when all the automatic sensor zones are kept disabled as per the configuration of the panel

Panic Switches

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