Off-Grid Solar Systems

Off-Grid Solar Systems

An Off-Grid Solar Systems is a system in which the power generated by the solar panels are used by the load and connected to the invertor. If the load does not use the full power generated by the panels at any point of time the excess power is used for charging the batteries connected which can be used during power outages in the night time. The system can be configured to take the power from the grid or from the batteries when there is no power coming from solar panels. The Initial cost of this system is higher because of the cost of the batteries. This system also reduces the power consumption from the grid as during the day time the solar generated power is used to cater to the power needs of the lighting and other connected load.


The off-grid solar system is applicable at areas which is inaccessible to the main grids and area's with frequent power interruptions. It has found applications at Villa and Row Houses, Office Spaces, Banks, ATM's, Industries, remote desert area's etc...

Schematic diagram of Grid-tied solar system