Access Control System

Time and attendance

Time and Attendance

The Access control system as a very important application of Time and attendance capturing which will use the access control system logs /transaction data and gives the detailed report on the no of times entry and exit of employees /persons who are required to be monitored for their time utilization and attendance for salary processing. The features of time and attendance solution/software vary depending on the requirement and are used along with the access control system.

Since the time and attendance software is automated it helps to easily manage the pay and work rules – consistently and accurately – across the organization. It helps in simplifying timecard tracking and approval processing as manual data entry of attendance details are avoided thereby reducing the administrative time on attendance related processing.

The software can be custom defined according to the organization's policies, employee attendance tracking and easily scalable for large or small enterprises etc...It can also be utilized as an leave management system for features such as shift management, leave management, Auto E-mail, Auto SMS etc...The system data can be consolidated and exported to an XML sheet and compatible for import of data into payroll systems.

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