Access Control System

Access Control System compoents

Access control system components


The access control readers is a one of the major component of a Access control system . Reader is installed near the doors and reads the encrypted data on an access card, then proceeds grant or block the access based on the card information with the feedback from the control panel. Readers are of various types with varying levels of sophistication and type of Access cards supported. Readers can be also classified in general as basic, semi-intelligent or intelligent readers based on their functionality/capability.

Biometric Readers:

These are special type of readers which reads the finger prints of a human being and sends data to the control panel for comparison and decision on the access allowing or denial based on the finger print data stored in the control panel during the device configuration. Standalone Biometric readers are also available which works independent of the Control panel for small installations. The need for these type of readers are nowadays increasing. The biometric system has found its applications at corporate offices, ticketing stations, safekeeping vault etc...

Access cards:

These are cards which has a unique credential using which a person gains access into a premises. Normally one card is assigned per user and configured in the control panel with specific rules based on the access rights allowed for that person. The details of the activities done using a particular card can be taken from the data log stored in the control panel.

Magnetic door locks:

These are locks which lock or unlock the door based on the instructions from the control panel and based on the rules configured in the control panel. Depending on the size/ height /weight of the door the magnetic lock also varies in size and strength.

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