Access Control System

Access Control Panel

Access control panel

The Access control panel is the main backbone of the ACS with the complete control of the whole system. The panel has various options which are configured as per the requirement and the controls /manages the locks based on the same. The control panel receives the access card credentials from the reader and compares the same with the rules configured for that access card and based on the same the access is allowed or denied and the door lock will open or remain locked.

Each and every transaction results/logs are stored in a specific storage space defined. There are various type of control panels based on the technology they operate. The most common types are Serial controllers, Network-enabled main controllers and IP controllers. Depending on the requirement of the user the type of Control panel is decided.

Common features:

· Graphical user interface  for local configuration  and mangement

· Remote access thru Internet or intranet for easy configuration /management (network enabled panels).

· Report generation based on various grouping like department, employee, visitors etc.,Exporting to MS Excel

· Alarm notification via Email or Text messaging 

· Multiple access modes with user defined Pin  codes Multiple-function access credentials

· Advanced I/O programming

· Anti-pass back feature ( allows a person out only when he has punched while coming IN)

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