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Video Analytics

Video Analytics

The Video Analytics software is software that analyses the video from the IP cameras in real time on the basis of the conditions /rules set for analysis and raises alerts /alarms as per the rule configuration. The Video analytics software stores the details of the analysis along with the video so that the occurrence of any incident can be traced based on the rule and any deviations of the rules can be easily identified thereby making the whole surveillance system easy and independent of continuous human monitoring without missing any critical information. Video analytics is normally integrated into the VMS or comes as separate third party software which can be linked to the VMS. Nowadays some IP cameras also comes with in-built video analytics capability.


· Identify patterns and trends enabling a quick response

· Options to set rules based on which the video is analyzed and alerts/Alarm raised

· Helps easy identification of suspicious objects

· Enables advanced Functionality of the existing security network

· Software is remotely configurable.

· Can generate alerts as  voice, visual email,etc.,

Application and usage:

Video Analytics mainly preferred /used by security officers, and corporate managers, to make practical and effective use of their surveillance systems. This makes Video Analytics software's an indispensable part of corporate environment, large commercial ecosystem and even large residential complexes. Usage of Video Analytics to automatically monitor cameras and alert for events of interest is more effective than a human operator who is less alert than the software.

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