Surveillance systems


Video management Software (VMS )

Video management software runs on a windows/Linux/MAC system, enabling the various video recording, analyzing and monitoring functionalities. The VMS software is designed to receive multiple streams from various camera units. It has the ability to record, catalog, streaming the received network-data.

Features :

· Automatic Simultaneous viewing and recording facility

· Manage different Recording modes including continuous, motion detect /alarm etc.

· Access Remotely through Network or Internet

· Alarm Management functions

· Meet the high frame rate for speed dome and other high-value camera's

· Access through Mobile through specific apps

· Various Video functions such as Pop-up video window, Sound effect 

· Event display window, Automatic audio output, Change active channel etc...

Application and usage:

The VMS system provides the network camera with a centralized co-ordination and coverage. All these makes the VMS software's extensively used in medium to large corporate offices, corporate spaces, commercial places, showrooms etc...

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