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IP Cameras

IP Camera

IP Cameras are cameras integrated with additional intelligence thru which the video information is encoded (converted to digital form) in the camera and ready for transmission through the network interface to the SD card or external recording device. The cameras can be configured individually for various parameters like motion detection/recording /video settings/ alarm settings etc. made possible through the inbuilt firmware and the integrated network interface (Features vary model to model) . The IP cameras can be remotely accessed thru WLAN or LAN network thru a web browser /client software for live preview/ configuration. These cameras comes with PoE enabled or disabled depending on the model. The IP Cameras are available in all common types similar to analog Cameras including IP Dome, IP C Mount, IP IR Camera, IP Speed Dome etc...

Features /specs:

  • Imaging device
- uses CCD /CMOS sensors
  • Lens type
- Fixed /Varifocal lens used based on requirement (inbuilt)
  • Resolution
- resolutions ranges in megapixel like 1.3MPx, 2MPx, 3MPx etc.
  • Illumination
- Lux levels available like 0.0003/0.1/0.3/1 etc.
  • Internal Memory
- Can support up to an internal SD card storage of 32 GB
  • Iris control
- Manual IRIS /AUTO Iris
  • Illumination
- Lux levels available like 0.01/0.03/0.05/0/07/0.1/0.3 etc.,
  • Lens
- Options like 3.6mm/4-9mm/ 2.8 – 10 mm etc (differs based on models)
  • Configuration setting
- Using the inbuilt firmware thru remote access
  • Enclosure /casing
- Available in plastic /metallic /vandal proof casing
  • Operating voltage
- 12V DC /24 VAC power input.

Application and usage:

IP cameras are mostly preferred /used where the need is for high resolutions not available in analog cameras , Cabling for analog cameras will be difficult , Cameras will be required to be configured individually with different settings for recording parameters /motion detection /resolution and also remotely configurable using a web browser /client software. IP cameras are easy to install as it can be directly connected to the LAN /WAN network WIFI using network cables orIP cameras are used in Corporate Offices /big buildings, Banks, Government office premises, homes, Schools etc.

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