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Network Video Recorder

Network Video Recorder systems

A Network video recorder (NVR) is a device used for integrating the IP cameras for recording /capturing the video data from the IP cameras into the HDD in the digital form. The NVR does not have dedicated video capture hardware instead gets the input from the network interface. In the NVR the video is encoded and processed at the IP camera end and then the streaming happens to the NVR for recording /remote viewing thereby making the NVR an integral part of the IP video surveillance system.

Features /specs:

  • Operating system
- Embedded OS
  • Video input
- Through the network interface
  • Video output
- VGA /HDMI interface for local configuration
  • Recording resolution
- Ranges start from QCIF/4CIF / Megapixel
  • Search function
- Recorded files search function based on various parameters available
  • No of HDD’s support
- Varies by the need and model ,Raid arrays are also availble
  • HDD capacity
- Varies model to model
  • Video parameters
- Can be configured as per the recording requirement and space optimization
  • Interfaces
- various interfaces like USB/RJ45/RS485/RS 232 are available
  • Remote access
- Remote access of the DVR through LAN and WAN possible
  • Web server
- Web server is in built for remote access/configuration using web browser

Application and usage:

A Network Video Recorders (NVR) are an integral part of IP surveillance system, enables you to smartly unify, co-ordinate and manage your network monitoring camera network. It has multiple-level applications at enterprise, business, corporate and residential complex.

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