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Infra red cameras

Infra Red Cameras

A IR camera is one which has a in-built Infra-red LED light source which provides the capability of to the camera to capture the images even in ‘0’ lux (Pitch dark ) using Infra-red led light from the IR LED’s in black and white color. The picture clarity/distance covered in IR mode will vary model to model depending on the no of LED’s and their intensity. During day time /normal light conditions the camera works as any other camera.

Features /specs

  • Horizontal resolutions
- Ranges varies like 420/480/540/600/700 TVL
  • Imaging device
- Uses CCD /CMOS sensors
  • Lens type
- Fixed or Varifocal lens
  • Iris control
- Auto
  • Illumination
- Lux levels available like 0.01/0.03/0.05/0/07/0.1/0.3 etc.
  • No of IR LED’s
- Ranges varies like 12/18/24/36/48 etc.,
  • Lens focal length
- Various options like 3.6mm/6mm/4-9mm etc., available
  • IR range
- Viewing distance in IR mode varies model wise.
- Auto
  • Enclosure /casing
- IP 60 /IP 66 water proof /weather proof metallic enclosure
  • Operating voltage
- 12 VDC

Application and usage:

IR cameras are mostly preferred / used in locations where the Image capturing is required even in a complete dark condition (0 lux). The cameras are used in Locations like Bank Strong rooms, big Campus and locations which are to be monitored on critical basis in terms of surveillance. IR cameras are available in various forms like IR DOME/IR bullet /IR SPEED DOME etc. depending on the need the specific type can be selected

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