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Speed Drome Cameras

Speed Dome

The Speed Dome cameras are also dome shaped with the most important feature of 360° PAN rotation and 180° tilt of the camera with inbuilt motor and optical zoom with large range of zoom options depending on the model. The Camera comes in a weather proof enclosure making it easy to use in most of the outdoor locations. These cameras also can be made to move automatically on a preset pattern of movement and can be set for auto tracking which helps to monitor /record the area under surveillance more effectively using the inbuilt control in the DVR or using the Wide ranges of accessories for easy maneuvering of these cameras are also available like joystick and mounting kits for indoor/outdoor installations.

Features /specs:

  • Horizontal resolutions
- Ranges varies like 480/540/600/700 TVL
  • Imaging device
- Uses CCD /CMOS sensors
  • Camera Rotation Range
- Pan 0°~360°, Tilt -5°~180°
  • Optical Zoom
- Various optical zoom ranges like 12x /23x / 27x/36x / 64x / 128x
  • Wide Dynamic Range
- Auto/Manual wide dynamic range
  • Configuration setting
- Manual /automatic settings of AGC/HLC/HLC
  • Digital Zooming
- Digital Zoom feature available in various ranges
  • Operating voltage
- 24V AC

Application and usage:

The Speed Dome camera are mostly preferred and used in outdoor locations to monitor the periphery of large campuses, shipping container yard, City surveillance, Highly sensitive government buildings, hospital campuses etc., where the need for PAN/Tilt rotation/Optical/digital zoom will be a necessity.

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