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Pin hole Cameras

Pinhole Camera

A Pinhole camera is a miniature camera with the electronic circuitry designed to be housed in a small casing mostly metallic with a small pin hole sized lens enabling it to be used and positioned in such a way that the camera’s presence is not easily identified by miscreants.

Features /specs:

  • Horizontal resolutions
- Ranges varies like 420/520/600 TVL etc.,
  • Imaging device
- Uses CCD sensors
  • Lens type
- Fixed pin hole lens
  • Illumination
- Lux levels available like 0.0003/0.1/0.3/1 etc.
  • Lens focal length
- Built-in 3.7mm lenses is mostly used
-Auto or Configurable using switch or inbuilt software (model specific).
  • Enclosure /casing
- Small Metallic box casing
  • Operating voltage
- 12 VDC

Application and usage:

A Pinhole Camera is normally preferred/ used in location/areas where the user wants to ensure that the camera should be positioned / installed in a hidden manner easily and that particular area can be under surveillance. These cameras are used mostly in ATM rooms, Entrance of buildings etc…

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