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Box Cameras

Box Cameras

A box camera is a camera which is in the shape of a rectangular box and suitable for using in both indoor and outdoor environment (weather proof housing may be used wherever required). The box camera has very high range of models from low end to high end catering to the various needs of the customer. Box camera is designed with the provision to fit lens as per requirement.

Features /Specs:

  • Horizontal resolutions
- Ranges varies like 420/480/540/600/700 TVL
  • Imaging device
- Uses CCD /CMOS sensors
  • Lens type
- In-Built Fixed or Varifocal lens as per requirement
  • Iris control
- Manual or AUTO depending on the model and lens used
  • Illumination
- Lux levels available like 0.01/0.03/0.05/0/07/0.1/0.3 etc.
  • Lens focal length
- various lens with suitable mount (C /CS mount) can be used
- Configurable through dip switch or inbuilt software (model specific).
  • Enclosure /casing
- Metallic /vandal proof casing
  • Operating voltage
- DC12V/24VAC or 220VAC

Application and usage:

The Box Cameras are mostly preferred in places where the location /coverage area differs and the lens required for the same will be easily fixable as per the requirement. This is also preferred where the environment of usage requires a rugged design. It's commonly used in public place monitoring, residential surveillance, office compound monitoring etc...

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