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Dome Cameras

Dome Camera

A dome camera is a camera which derives its name due to its shape, and it is mostly preferred to be used in areas (mostly indoor) where the overall aesthetics is important and also in corporate offices as it is more fashionable and readily match to most of the environments with easy installation.

Features /Specs:

  • Horizontal resolutions
- Ranges varies like 420/480/540/600/700 TVL
  • Imaging device
- Uses CCD /CMOS sensors
  • Lens type
- In-Built Fixed or Varifocal lens as per requirement
  • Iris control
- Manual or AUTO (model specific)
  • Illumination
- Lux levels available like 0.01/0.03/0.05/0/07/0.1/0.3 etc.,
  • Lens focal length
- Options like 3.6mm/4-9mm/ 2.8 – 10 mm etc (differs based on models)
- Can be Manual or Auto mode (differs based on models).
  • Enclosure /casing
- Available in plastic /metallic /vandal proof casing
  • Operating voltage
- 12V DC

Application and usage:

Dome cameras are normally used in homes/ offices /hotels /banks as an indoor camera for security and surveillance purposes based on the user’s aesthetic and functional requirements.

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