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Digital Video Recorder

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Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

A digital video recorder (DVR) is an electronic device, which encodes , processes and records the feed from analog cameras in to a hard drive with the date and time as per the parameters set inbuilt using the video capture hardware and the video can be searched and reviewed and used as a evidence of occurrence of an incident. The DVR has options to set the recording resolution / Type of recording/ Video Parameters / Alarm handling etc. depending on the requirement a specific DVR model can be selected by the user.

Features /Specs:

  • Operating system
- Embedded Linux or RTOS
  • Video input
- 4/8/16/24/32 channel Video /audio inputs options are available
  • Video output
- VGA /CVBS /HDMI interface available (varies with models)
  • Preview resolution
- Depending on the Model various options are available CIF, D1, etc
  • Recording resolution
- Ranges available like QCIF/CIF/4CIF
  • Search function
- Recorded files search function based on various parameters available
  • No of HDD’s support
- Supports HDD capacity up to 4GB per slot/interface
  • HDD capacity
- Supports HDD capacity up to 4GB per slot/interface
  • Video parameters
- Can be configured as per requirement
  • Interfaces
- various interfaces like USB/RJ45/RS485/RS 232 are available
  • Remote access
- Remote access of the DVR through LAN and WAN possible
  • Web server
- Web server is in built for remote access/configuration using web browser

Application and usage:

DVR’s are normally preferred/used by users who are really in need of a security /surveillance system at a optimal cost meeting their requirement of recording of the video from the cameras as the configuration done. DVR’s are used in locations where doing a cabling is not a constraint. DVR’s normally supports analog cameras only but nowadays Hybrid DVR’s are available which support a combination of ANALOG and IP cameras.

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